You're in business to make a difference.

You're a gentle-earth entrepreneur. You're a profit making change-maker. You're a heart-centered, soul-searching, grassroots movement believer.

You have a vision for change but can't do it alone. You need loyal customers who share your vision. Imagine what you could do then!

How do you get loyal customers? That’s the tricky part, right?

You’ve set up a profitable business that not only serves yourself but also benefits the businesses you partner with and, in the bigger picture, the environment, and/or society.

You’re in it for a greater purpose.

But you need customers. It’s as simple as that. Without them, you go under. Your suppliers lose a partner. The chain is broken. The world loses out.

You think: if only people understood all the aspects of my work, from vision to fruition, then they would happily support my business.  But how do I do that?

What if there was a way to:

Your stories lead to loyal customers.

Your stories lead to loyal customers.

  • build confidence in your services, without having to hard sell
  • make the selling process easier, and faster!
  • easily turn ‘on-the-fence’ folks into ‘hop-on-board’ consumers
  • turn customers into loyal and raving fans (word-of-mouth publicity is awesome!)

What would that mean to you and your business?

What would that mean to your partners and suppliers?

What would that mean to the people you serve?

What would that mean for us all?

How do we do this?

Through the power of story.

Your story, and the stories of the people you serve.

People want to feel good about their choices. Through your stories, your customers will learn your values, see how you’re walking your talk, understand your ethics, and feel compelled to support your work.

By supporting you as a customer, they feel that they too are contributing to a better world, and will want that feeling to continue.

Customers are loyal to companies they believe in. 

This loyalty is created through the power of your do-good, tree-hugging, gentle-earth, sustainable, socially responsible, ethical, environmental success stories.

The power of your story builds trust in you and your offering and creates a relationship with your customers that shortens the sales curve.

Imagine - less selling and more serving.

What does your story include?
  • your big idea - what made you begin your business?
  • your ethics around why you run your business as you do
  • your environmentally responsible manufacturing practices
  • your fair-trade resourcing and the people you partner with
  • your sourcing of organic raw materials and a small environmental footprint
  • the need you found lacking
  • how you are filling that void
  • the people who are benefitting from your dedication
Do your customers know your stories?  

You’ve got ‘em, so flaunt ‘em!Me

That’s where I can help.

Hi, I'm Carolin Rathbun (Grandin), a.k.a The Joyful Scribe. 

I started The Joyful Scribe because I love the creative aspect and emotional connection of storytelling and wanted to help those who are doing good, do better. I believe that by focusing on your successes, you create loyal customers who are excited to support your work, today and always. Now that’s a story with a happy ending!

Wondering if we’re a perfect fit? We might be if...
  • you have a vision for a better world.
  • you currently have a business based on The Three P’s: People, Planet & Profit.  
  • you want wonderful people to continually support your work so you can carry on doing good.
  • you’re proud of the changes you’re creating and want to share them. (No, you want to SHOUT about them!)
  • you know you should be doing lots of writing to market your good work but either don’t have enough time or staff to dedicate to writing or simply hate writing and keep putting it off.

I imagine you wish you could...

  • just focus on your good work instead of spending so much time writing content
  • find an easy way to prove to your prospects and customers that your work is making a difference and if they knew what you knew, they’d become loyal customers
  • find a way to ‘share’ and ‘shout’ about your successes that feels authentic (not braggy and full of marketing hype).
  • think of a way to get people talking about your work because nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising (bonus, it’s free!)
  • have one marketing tactic that easily fits into all your marketing funnels.

If you sense a shift in the way people want to do business...

If you believe that ethical practices should be the norm, not the exception...

If your business is helping to make the world a better place...

Then your story needs to be at the core of your messaging.


With pride.

Let’s face it, most businesses can’t boast what you can.

People deserve to know that yours is a business whose story they want to be a part of.

That's why today, I help those who are trying to make the world a better place create loyal customers so they can continue to prosper and expand their network of change.

Ready to start creating powerful stories? Shoot me a quick email and we can get the conversation started.




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